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takes pride in our ability to bring

companies and individuals the capabilities to express their deepest desires.


We encourage you to dive into your mind and find the oasis of your dreams.

We give you the opportunity to have your world reflect your personality.


  We believe the most important aspects of life is self expression

and we give that power to all that seek it.


If you are looking to find your voice, your individual spark, your inner creator

come let us show you a world without boundaries.


Yelena is the owner of the company.

. She definitely put her Engineering degree to use by opening up CAMS-USA.


With immense amount of creativity and a drive to express her talents, she began delivering her vision to all across America. With a mind, that was never held back by any boundaries, that never always pushing her to succeed, to grow, to become better, she was able to start creating every little thing that came to mind. She could sit down, work out a design, any design, on how to make it, how sound it will be structurally, methods of display, and come out with a final product no matter what the circumstance.

After decades of experience and thousands of projects, she has proven to herself time and time again that she is capable of everything she put her mind to. Time and time again she has succeeded through any obstacle that was presented to her.


She gives that ability to each and every one of you when you need something done. She focuses on interior design, seeing the full picture arise though the observation of all that you are, all that you care about, all that you desire from life, and she creates that exact environment through the drive and skills that she has acquired over time. She is able to see exactly what you would need to fit your home and business, to suit your tastes and personality. Anything that is required to fill out your dreams, she is capable. She sees deep into the intricacies of how things are composed together, to accomplish a feat of true beauty, for whatever purpose.


With the capabilities to create anything, you have the opportunity to have it all.

The question is, are you ready for it?




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